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PVE 52

With a maximum capacity of 525 lbs and a cabin diameter of 43.5 inches, the PVE52 is our largest most spacious model making it a perfect choice for those in need of a wheelchair accessible residential elevator.
The PVE52 can be set up like our other models to have between two to five stops and has enough room for a wheelchair and its attendant or up to three adults comfortably.  With no pit or machine room required, these can be installed in as little as a few days making it a time efficient hassle-free process.  Like our other models the PVE52 has a mechanical emergency safety brake system which actives in the event of a power outage and gravity will slowly lower you to the closest floor so you can safely exit the cabin.
You will also have your choice of six different color schemes and different upgrades including a solar panel package or automatic door openers to best fit your needs.


No pit, hoist way, or machine room required          

Self-supporting structure

50 ft (15m) Total Rise Max

Two to Five Stops                                          

Entrance way opening: 32 inches (813mm)


Internal cabin height: 6’7” (79 inches/ 2007mm)


Internal cabin diameter: 43 1/2 inches 


External cylinder diameter: 52 11/16 inches                   

In-line, 180° door openings

Through Floor or Balcony Mount Landings

Automatic interior LED lighting and fan


Mechanical emergency safety brake system


One-year limited manufacturer warranty




WHITE (upgrade)
LIGHT GRAY (upgrade)
BLACK (upgrade)
TAUPE (upgrade)


Smart Home Integration

Solar Panel Package

Homing Feature

Remote Control Option

Automatic Door Opener

Cabin Key Lock

Earthquake Brackets


LED Light Package

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