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Q.  Why choose a home elevator by PVE?

A.  Our elevators are the worlds cleanest most efficient home elevator on the market. With our space saving elegant design you won’t find another like ours. Using pneumatic technology to generate lift these self-supporting panoramic elevators offer an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing solution for almost any multi-level home.


Q.  What is a Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator?

A.  PVEs are the worlds first and only home elevator that uses air and gravity to travel floor to floor in a in a coaxial car. With the cabin and external shaft made of Polycarbonate Panels it offers 360-degree views while traveling up and down. The vacuum required to lift the car is achieved by turbines operating as exhaust fans either located on top of the elevator or in a remote location. The descent is achieved by slowly letting air back into the system allowing gravity to lower the cabin to the lower levels.


Q.  Are Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators safe?

A.  These Self- supporting home elevators are fully certified by the American society of mechanical Engineers in all 50 states. In the event the elevator loses power while in operation, gravity will slowly lower you to the nearest floor where your stopped by a full set of Type A safety breaks and you may exit the cabin safely. These elevators are also equipped with an in-cabin phone, so you can communicate in the event of an emergency.  Before being shipped out and installed all our elevators undergo a full operational testing at the factory.


Q.  How Noisy are Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators?

A.  All our elevators generate sound but only when they are in use. Its as quiet, if not quieter than other home elevators on the market. As no motors or turbines are activated for descent, gravity is used to lower the cabin making for a more quiet, relaxed ride down. We offer a split unit model where the vacuum and machinery can be located up to 30 liner feet away. With our split unit outdoor upgrade, the elevator is about 55 decibels or as loud as a refrigerator. For more information see our video on PVE technology.


Q.  What is the size of the home elevator?

A.  We offer three different size models giving you multiple options to best fit your needs. Our PVE30 model has an exterior diameter of 30 inches with a cabin diameter of 21 inches. The two passenger PVE37 model has an exterior diameter of 37 inches with a cabin diameter of 32 inches. The three passenger, wheelchair accessible PVE52 has an exterior diameter of 52 inches with a cabin diameter of 43 ½ inches leaving a very spacious ride depending on the number of passengers. All three models have the capability of traveling 50 feet or five floors.


Q.  How much does a home elevator cost?

A.  With every home being different and no two situations alike, the price of the elevator and installation can very depending on multiple factors. Those factors include but are not limited to what model you have chosen, complexity of the install, shipping, upgrades chosen, the number of stops, total floor to floor height. With each installation being custom built a site visit is recommended to get a more accurate quote on total coast.


Q.  How much electricity does a home elevator use?


A.  Like a washer or dryer outlet these elevators only require a 220-volt single phase electrical service for operation. Depending on the model you have chosen, these eco friendly elevators require 25–40-amp service. The only time electricity is being used is during the ascent as gravity is used to lower the cabin. Its estimated-on average that the yearly cost to run the elevator is $28.21 but how often its used and utility rates pay a major role in cost. We offer a solar panel package allowing the elevator to operate completely off the grid and still function in the event of a power outage.

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