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Clear View Retractable Screens


Clear View Retractable Screens are much different than traditional screens. They are there when you need them but out of sight when you don’t.

Clear View Retractable Screens use the only patented hydraulic mechanism that utilizes the technology of roll up blinds to work vertically or horizontally. These screens are manufactured with a durable lightweight aluminum housing that protects the screen material when not in use.

Every component of the Clearview retractable screen is manufactured with the highest-grade materials.


  • 12 colors & multiple woodgrains to choose from

  • Keeps the screen clean when not in use

  • Provides sleek attractive way of locking your door

  • Speed reducer to prevent slamming

  • All materials are American made

  • Powder coated aluminum housing

  • 3 Different screen thickness options

  • Clearview uses the thickest gauge aluminum for lasting durability.

  • Custom fit

  • Single door screens starting at $400

All screen doors can be modified for either left or right side entry.  The color-matched frames, along with a variety of the threshold types, will compliment the doorway and provide years of trouble free elegant service.



Single Door

French Doors

Single Slider

Dual Sliders


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