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torre reich construction, inc.

We are General Contractors located in the Central Valley of California with 30+ years experience in custom homes, developments, commercial construction, additions and remodeling. 

We aim to offer everything in house from Design to Construction, eliminating as much of the busy work as possible for our clients.

    Custom is our specialty. Our Team is equipped to handle all your needs while building your custom home. Whether you need a Design, Plans, or just Construction, TRC is a one stop shop that offers everything you need form start to finish. Contact us for more information.
    If you are needing work done on an existing home, we help clients with design, plans, cost estimating, permits and anything else you need to update your current home. Visit our Inquiries page to submit a questionnaire.
    Although known for our residential work, a large portion of our work is in industrial and commercial construction. Some of our best-known work includes the old downtown Dust Bowl Taproom, and the upcoming TRAX food park. Visit our inquiries page to submit a commercial questionnaire.
    We started out with just a few houses at a small development in Denair, CA and have been growing in the number of houses per development since. Please reach out for more information about previous and upcoming projects and any project inquiries.
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