A construction project is a very exciting and new experience for some people. A great deal of time, thought, and personality will go into your project.  Torre Reich Construction is dedicated to help make this process go as smooth and efficient as possible from start to finish.


To get started, we have a short questionnaire for the potential client to fill out.  This helps us gather the right information we need in order to determine where we need to start from.  A rough budget number is very important piece to start this process and make sure it is realistic for the project to be achieved.  Once the questionnaire has been submitted and received by our office, we will contact you and schedule an appointment for a consultation. 


If you need an estimate for your project, generally we need a set of plans in order to gather the correct information to estimate numbers from.  If you do not have plans, not to worry, we offer design services as well.






If you need a design or plans, a member from our Design Team will meet with you for a consultation.  After the consultation meeting, you will receive an Estimate for the Design Services.  Services can include:


   Conceptual Designs

   Interior Design

   Material Selections

   3D Renderings

   Design Documents


Throughout this phase, you will be working with our professional Designers to help you create your prefect space.  3D renderings are offered which is a great tool to help visualize the project from spatial layouts to specific material selections and design schemes.






We will prepare a Preliminary Cost Estimate based on the Design Documents or Plans supplied by the Owner.  When we have received all of the Trade Contractor and Supplier bids, we will prepare a Budget Estimate which will include construction cost, soft costs, such as construction documents, permits and fees, and our overhead and profit.  If the quoted price is acceptable and you are satisfied that you have made all the adjustments and changes you want, we will prepare a Building Agreement.






Construction Documents include all the building plans, specifications, and supporting documents used during the completion of a construction project.  For projects that require permits, we will prepare Construction Documents to submit to the appropriate City or County Building Department.  The Building Department will review the Construction Documents also known as a “Plan Check”.  When the first Plan Check is finished, the Building Department will send out a Plan Check Review where corrections are to be made and resubmitted.  Once the Plans are approved, the Building Department will issue out a Building Permit, and now the construction process can start.

Upon plan & permit approval and prior to the start of construction, we will hold a Pre-Construction Conference to run through the construction process including scheduling.


Change orders can be made at any time during construction, but they may be costly and can cause delays.


There will be scheduled “Walk-thru’s” before you pick your Final Selections.  Final Selections are grouped into 3 categories:


  • Selections that must be completed prior to start of construction

  • Selections that must be completed prior to start of framing

  • Selections that must be completed prior to start of sheetrock


In addition to the scheduled walk-thru’s, we will schedule Construction Process Meetings throughout this process.  The purpose of these meetings will be to review the Schedule, review your Selections, review Change Orders, and to discuss any Miscellaneous Item requiring action. 


A Pre-Occupancy Inspection will be held upon completion of construction and prior to moving in.  It is an opportunity for you to confirm that the work has been completed and meets the quality standards outlined in the construction documents.