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D E S I G N   T E A M

Our team of Designers are dedicated to start at the drawing board with you. Gathering inspiration, laying out spatial designs, and working to create something that checks all the boxes functionally and aesthetically. 


One of the first and most critical steps of any project is visiting the project site. Here we meet with clients to discuss the project, gage the scope of work and do a Site Analysis. These are just a few of the things that need to be factored in before the design process can start. All these variables shape the design and help to create something unique to the project.


One of our goals is to explore various options within the space we're working in. Starting with the floor plan helps lay out the space functionally without getting into aesthetics just yet. Personal tendencies, and designating square footage based on client needs are important steps in getting the design just right. Seeing the same space laid out multiple ways can help streamline priorities.


One of the things that is unique to TRC is our Interior Design department. We don't just want to build things, we want to create visually appealing spaces with purpose. Conceptual design, product research and material selection are a few of the things our Designers can help navigate during a project. Our goal is to create a design with a cohesive flow that meets the clients expectations visibly and functionally. 


Once things are laid out spatially and we have an idea of selections that are going to be used, we can move into 3D renderings. Here a project goes from an idea, to a reality. During this phase various material options are explored and clients can get a visual of layout options that aren't as easily spotted in floor plans.


From bathroom remodels to custom homes, check out some of our past projects.




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